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About us

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We are a company that offers catering and management services for any event. Our goal is to cater the best meals to make your occasions glorious and memorable along with achieving the satisfaction of every guest. We have the capacity of serving 100 to 5000 people. We provide opulent, creative, customized, and extremely impressive events that cater to a huge range of customers' brief encompassing standards of status and service with a top-class finesse. We offer to bring glory and taste to all variety of events, be it a small intimate gathering or a grand banquet.


Our Store

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Our company works on the principle of providing a scrumptious and flavourful meal. We believe that even the smallest of affairs can be made meaningful with delicious food. Hence we must provide the best catering experience to our customers

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Our Specialties

Our specialty is our impeccable service and world-class culinary expertise. We use the best ingredients to leave a remarkable impact on your guests. Over time, our company has become the best choice for customers by providing top-class quality meals and services. Our menu consists of South Indian food that will leave you craving more.
Are you tired of hunting for the perfect caterers for your special occasions? Look no further because you have reached the perfect place.
We have a large number of mouth-watering cuisine for every occasion. Whether it is your anniversary or wedding we know how to make it special.
Here you will find all types of indoor and outdoor catering services. Our employees are highly trained and flexible as per the need of customers.


Our Menu

Every occasion deserves a special menu and culinary expertise. Therefore we have organized noteworthy meals according to every event. You can contact us to choose your own set of dishes according to your pocket and preferences

Our menu consists of healthy breakfast recipes to energize your whole day. You can try our Kerala special lunch with many traditional dishes. For dinner, we provide a variety of unforgettable dosas, raitas, gravy, and payasam recipes. Our menu is created in such a way that it will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also be light on your pocket. We have extracted a number of beverages that include drinks and many cocktails. Some juice recipes are unique and healthy to include in your diet. You can also choose hot drinks like tea, coffee, and more to start your mornings. There is a variety of sweets that you can choose from to gift your guests. Our menu is a package to be incorporated into any event to make it more flavorsome. 


Food Orders


Our Services

Wedding catering services require an extravagant menu with a display of delicious cuisines that the guests will remember for years to come. You can choose your special menu and surprise your guest with a lip-smacking full-course meal and tons of starters. By choosing us, you can relax and savor your special moments. 

We employ a professional chef to provide an impeccable culinary experience for your business partners and guests. We have the best bartenders to prepare amazing cocktails and drinks that will intrigue you. Our waiters are highly professional and make sure that all of your events run smoothly. You can also opt for appetizers stations, beverage bars and desserts to suit your business event.

A birthday party is never complete without a decorative cake and delicious food. We are here to fulfill all your needs and provide huge catering options like barbeque, street food, children's specials, finger buffet, and much more. You can also order a cake that can be customized according to your wishes

Along with food catering, you can order flower garlands for your wedding. We have a number of options that you can choose from or customize according to your need. The garlands are prepared with fresh flowers that will last all day long. We will deliver your order to your doorstep.

  • Wedding Catering Services
  •  Engagement Catering services
  • Outdoor Catering Services
  • Business / Corporate Catering
  • Birthday Party Catering
  • House Warming Catering Service 
  • Valaikaapu Food Catering
  • Anniversary Celebrations 
  • Private Party / Theme Party 
  • Mandabam Function Catering 
  • Stage Decorations 
  • Wedding Decorative Car Rental 
  • horse chariot for wedding 
  • Nathaswaram 
  • Elephant Singarimelam 
  • Chendamelam 
  • Pancha vathiyam 
  • Wedding Flower Garlands (Door Delivery)


Let's Chat

You can contact us at our email address or reach us on WhatsApp. Make sure to chat with us for any further queries. We would love to hear from you.

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